Understand & Analyse

We like to deal in facts.

So we ask you for data that helps us report reality.

In 2018 we presented over 800 Customers with proven savings of 18% on like-for-like products and fixed their prices for 12 months.

Price is just the beginning.

Service & Delivery

We take the time to understand your requirements, and tailor our service to delight you.

Your personal Customer Service Support Team is available to help at any time.

Over 30,000 products in stock and delivered next day.

Seamlessly managed supply chain from manufacturer to you.

Continually tracked orders – getting the right goods at the right time.

97.5% order and service performance.

Prove & Propose

We present a personalised proposal document that details our saving and service proposition.

Clearly illustrating financial benefits and service commitments.

Which highlights and focuses on your key service needs.

And outlines a simple transition process.

Making the decision to partner with OfficeScape an easy one.

Review & Enhance

We don’t wait 12 months before reviewing our performance – we assess it with every order and every point of contact.

Ensuring we are improving our performance in a live environment.

So when we present our Customer reviews the opportunities and issues that would be discussed have already been addressed.

Account Management

Our Team is Your Team – fully integrated into your business, and committed to providing you with the best possible service.

Helpful, packed with industrial knowledge and always on hand to help. We believe they are the best in the business.

Our Customers agree – with 97% of them saying that their Account Management Team add significant value to their procurement process.